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Welcome to elequent_bobba

Welcome to elequent_bobba. This is a place to post any icons and graphics for our favorite ship, Ron/Hermione. If you have any comment or questions, don't hesitate to post them here. :)

1. NO SPOILERS FOR HBP. If there are any icons that contain spoilers to the 6th book, put them behind a cut and make sure you have a spoiler warning. Just because you've read the book, doesn't mean others haven't. Show them the same courtesy you would want shown to you.
2. More than 3 icons? Put them behind a cut. Teasers are allowed but no more than three, please.
3. Any obscene language or nudity in an icon or graphic must be placed behind a cut.
4. There will be no member or ship bashing. Period.
5. Any icons must be within LiveJournal's standards - 100x100, 40KB, etc. Usually icons not within these borders will not upload.

Q. Can we take the icons we find here?
A. That's up to the poster. Usually they have no problem with it as long as you properly comment and credit them.

Q. What does Elequent Bobba mean?
A. When I figure it out, I'll let you know. ;)

Any questions? Post them here.

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